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Benton City Crime Up

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BENTON CITY, Wash. -- Good news for people living in the Tri-Cities, crime is down 8% from last year. But in Benton City, it has gone up.

People we talked to in Benton City had mixed feelings on the new crime numbers. Some say the numbers didn't bother them at all while others say they have seen the crime firsthand.  

Benton County Sheriff's Deputies say while crime is up overall, most major crimes are down.  Burglaries, they say, are up 74% from 2006, up from 23 to 40, and that is primarily what has caused the increase. Local business owner Karan Harms says that number, in particular, worries her.

Harms says, "If they break into my shop they are going to put me down, ya know it would be hard to recoup, I'm just here to make a living."

Karan says one night she looked across the street and saw seven men standing behind this trailer, some with bats in their hand and some with knives. She says that is just one reason she thinks changes must be made to make more things more safe. 

She says, "I think we're just flat fed up with all the problems. It's something that definitely needs to be put a stop to."

Whether you think Benton City is a safe place to be or not, deputies say it is important you report suspicious behavior when you see it. They say that allows them to attack crime much more effectively.