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Pasco Fire Investigators Looking for Arsonist

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PASCO, Wash.- Pasco firefighters are on the hunt for someone who's been setting a series of small fires.

Investigators think the same person who lit a shed on fire early this morning has been setting small fires in the area for years.

This time around the damage was pretty minimal, but firefighters believe this was the work of the same person who burned a house to the ground last year, then set it on fire again after it was rebuilt.

Tuesday morning's fire was contained to an alleyway shed.  

All of these fires have been around the 1000 block of South 5th.  

In this case investigators say the arsonist wadded up a newspaper and used an accelerant to make it burn hotter, but they still don't have any leads as to who's setting the fires.  

"It could be kids, it could be a little gang running around down there, it could be somebody who's an elder person who's just off their medication or just wants to, likes fire," said Pasco Fire Chief Greg Garcia. 

Investigators say most of these fires are being set in alleyways where they're less likely to be noticed.  

They say they're almost impossible to trace because the arsonist leaves almost no evidence, and what is left is destroyed in the fire.