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WSU Coach Bennett: "We're playing the #1 seed, it's a great challenge"

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. - In a press conference in Charlotte Wednesday WSU head basketball coach Tony Bennett spoke to reporters about the the WSU style of ball, their plan to beat North Carolina and his NBA days in Charlotte.

In his opening statement Bennett acknowledged the pro-Carolina home crowd and the big challenge the Cougars face against North Carolina. Though, he went on to say that his team is looking forward to the challenge saying, "this is what our guys wanted and we'll find out tomorrow if we're ready."

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When asked about the "Blocker/Mover" offense and "Pack Defense" the Cougars run, Bennett spoke of how his father used the system when he began working at WSU. He went on to describe the style as one that gives teams a chance to compete against more elite teams.

"We can't always recruit with the upper echelon teams in our league, or in the country, so we have a system that we feel that gives us a chance when we play together and collectively, to be competitive and successful against the best."

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When a reporter asked Bennett if he objected to the word "boring" when used to describe his system, Bennett told the crowd, "Call it what you want. We have to find a way to be successfull."

Bennett summed up it up by saying the system is mainly about being sound in all aspects of the game and taking care of the ball.

"In a nut shell I'd say, make the other team work to get contested shots and for us to work to get good shots."

Bennett said getting back and getting the defense ready would be the biggest challenge against North Carolina.

At one point he gave North Carolina guard Ty Lawson accolades calling him, "one of the best guards" they will have faced.

When asked about his days with the hornets he said the best thing about his days in Charlotte was meeting his wife, and being there when Alonso Mourning hit "the shot."

In a light but sentimental moment he told reporters one of his biggest regrets was losing a photo of himself playing against Michael Jordan.

The Cougs are scheduled to play the N.C. Tar Heels in a game that tips off at 4:27 p.m. on Thursday.