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Man Hit by Undercover Deputy Says He is Not Being Treated Fairly

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- In December, a Hermiston man was hit by an undercover Benton County Deputy. 

Since then, Roy Springer has been working with the county to try and get the money he believes he is owed for both his car and medical bills, and other costs associated with the accident. 

He received an offer from the county to fix his car but he says the offer is just not enough to replace what he has lost. Springer says that because of the accident, he spent over three months sleeping in a chair. He says the cracked ribs he suffered made it to painful to lie down.

Along with the pain of cracked ribs, Springer says he and his wife had been without their car for more than three and a half months. Finally, he says, he had to buy a car, just so his wife could go to work.

The only problem is the new car costs about $11,000 more than what his repaired car is valued at. He says along with other costs associated with the accident he is out about $20,000. That is even if Benton County pays for his repair and medical costs.

He says, "I was driving along the street quite legally, going to visit my wife in the hospital, who'd had major surgery. Yeah, I feel sorry for myself, I didn't realize it until just now, but I have to sprinkle a couple of gallons of pity throughout the whole thing."

Benton County Personnel Risk Manager Melina Wenner says while she feels for Springer, the county is just acting according to policy.

She says, "I think we treat all claimants fair, now the claimant may not feel that way, but we try to do what is right by the claimant."

Springer says, "I'm changed forever. This has changed me forever."

Another interesting part of this accident is that the officer involved wasn't given a ticket. That's according to the accident report. We have called the officer who made the report but he is not on duty until Wednesday night. We'll let you know what we find out.