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Playoffs Get Personal for Colton Yellow Horn

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KENNEWICK, Wash - Tri-City Americans forward Colton Yellow Horn is pretty unique as far as hockey players go.  Not only is he tremendously talented (he's this year's Western Conference player of the year) but he's also one of only 6 players in the W.H.L. who is Native American.  His best friend also plays in the W.H.L. and is also Native American.  Did we mention Yellow's best friend is Spokane Chiefs forward Judd Blackwater?

Yellow Horn and Blackwater are both from the Lethbridge area in Alberta.  They are absolute best friends and keep in touch during the season by playing checkers, or other games, and talking using a web cam!  However, there is a time when these two are fierce competitors.  And that time is now.

"Once we're on the ice we're not friends anymore," says Yellow Horn.  Right now Colton and Judd are facing off in the Western Conference Finals, with Spokane leading the series 1-0.  "When we're on the ice we start talking a little trash to each other and push and shove a little extra," Colton admits.  "But we understand that both of us are trying to make a career out there so I guess we're just not friends out there on the ice."

Colton says it is a pretty cool thing to be able to compete against one of your best friends in the playoffs but has to remind himself of the harsh eventual reality:  one of them has to go home while the other continues on their quest for the Memorial Cup.  However Colton isn't thinking too much about that right now, he's focused on the game.  Plus he knows a certain truth about he and Judd's friendship.  "No matter what happens out there we're still best friends."