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Scientists Explore Colony Collapse Disorder

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WASHINGTON-- A mysterious disease is effecting bees all over the country.  
Now Washington State University is researching the it. 

Scientists have named this phenomenon that's killing bees all over the country Colony Collapse Disorder.

Here in Washington, it's killed more than 35% of the state's bees.   It's costing beekeepers and farmers all over the country millions of dollars.   So, some beekeeping businesses are banding together to help fund WSU's research about Colony Collapse Disorder.  

WSU will spend nearly $200,000 over the next two years to study the disesase.

Eric Olson is the co-owner of Olson's Honey and has lost 4,000 hives this spring.  He donated $10,000 to WSU to help fund research, and so far, they've had good results.

Olson says, "We have just barely begun our study with WSUand I think we may already have a lead on what the main culprit is."

That main culprit could be a disease that attacks a bee's ability to process food.  Scientists treated the bees with an experimental antibiotic, and in a little over a week, Olson hopes to find out if that antibiotic works.