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Requesting Information from Tri-Cities Animal Control

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- New information about getting records from animal control on your pet or someone else's.

About a week ago, a court of appeals ruled against Animal Control in a case involving release of information. Now, the case started back in 2005 but its effects could be lasting.

The 2005 case began when Bruce Young still ran Tri-Cities Animal Control. Deborah Wagner's dog was caught and euthanized. Wagner then requested detailed logs regarding her dog's euthanization but was continually denied them. Tri-Cities Animal Control said it was not a public agency but an appeals court ruled that the company was the equivalent to government and had to give up the information.

Now, Animal Control's new leader, Angela Zilar says she has no problem releasing information about the animals in her care. But that is provided it doesn't put another person or another animal in danger. She says that if it is information relating to your dog she is more than willing to give it.

Zilar says if a case involves an attorney or a court case she is much more willing to give out information about other people and other dogs. But, if there is ever a question she talks to her lawyer.

Zilar says one instance that she might be reluctant to release records is if you were bitten by another person's dog. She wouldn't want to give out the owner's personal information for fear of retaliation.