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Boise, Inc. Testing Garbage Recycling in Plant's Boiler

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PASCO, Wash.- Boise Incorporated is testing a recycling project that could keep millions of tons of garbage out of local landfills.

The company is getting wood and plastic that was destined for a life in the landfill.

Who'd of ever thought scrap wood and plastic would help power Boise's paper mill in Wallula.  Now it is.  

Boise is working with Basin Disposal to collect untreated wood scraps and certain kinds of plastic people throw away at their Pasco dump.  

The scraps are then ground up into a wood chip consistency and burned in the steam generators at the plant instead of thrown in piles for permanent homes in the landfill.

"We found out that there was a lot of waste in this area that we could reuse for fuel.   That would replace natural gas and also woodchips that we buy for burning in our boiler right now," said Ray Lam with Boise, Inc. 

The company just started testing the project this week.

They say if it goes as planned they should be able to accept millions of tons of waste and possibly get a permanent agreement with Basin Disposal that'll help them and the environment.