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Family Exercise Night

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Being over weight in the United States is a serious problem and the best way to prevent obesidty begins in the home.

For any young child, recess is the most important break of the day.  
It allows them to get out of the class room and get the exercise that they need.  
During a young child's development it's also important for parents to instill the belief that exercise is good.

Public Health Administrator at Yakima's Neighborhood Health believes that the ages between 0 and 12 are important. 

 "During that time it's crucial to ingrain in them how crucial and fun it is to have physical activity everyday and as you get into the teen years it's more challenging."

Parents need to set an example for their children when it comes to exercise.   Adults need at least thirty minutes of exercise a day to maintain a healthy heart.   But if you parents want to relaxe after work here are a few suggestions.

Training expert Anne Whiteside says that you can start doing the little things,

"Start by parking far away from the door, start by getting up during commercials instead of sitting on the couch with the remote control and fold laundry in between commercials."

Active families are healthier than inactive ones and if you want to get your family more active here is a good tip.

Mengarelli says that when it comes to family exercise you need to find something everyone wants to do. 

"Start with one thing not ten things ... Start with one thing that you know you'll enjoy with yourself and with your family and do that on a regular basis."

Well if you're looking for a great activity ... The easiest thing you can do is take a sprinkler ... Hook up a hose and turn the water on and you can play around with your family in the backyard.