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Car & Bike ... Not So Different

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - It's easy to see, there's a big difference between cars and motorcycles. But every rule has an exception. KNDU found exceptional evidence that those differences can be easily settled.

When you see it on the street, it's hard not to stop and stare.

"I've seen more camera phones, they hold 'em up to the window and take pictures," said Bill Human, Trike Owner.  

Part car, part motorcycle, and just a hint of a silver jet. Bill Human bought it, and he's still not sure what you're supposed to call it.

"I have a hard time thinking of this as a trike, to me it's a 3-wheel-car," said Human. 

It's name is "Stallion". It could be a cousin in the biker family, though no motorcyle has a trunk, steering wheel, or a trailer hitch. A 4-cylinder engine sits under the hood, supposedly with the power to weight ratio of a corvette.

"It's pretty quick, but I don't intend to find out how fast," he said.  

Though Bill may not be asking questions. Everyone else does. While we were shooting, Michael Turner pulled into our parking lot and wanted to know more about it's sleek design.

"It looked fabulous, like it was going 800 miles an hour," Turner said.   

So while people may not know what to call it, they do know they like it.

"Ladies say, 'Oh, how cute that is," said Human.