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Getting Your Oil Changed Could Actually Save You Money

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Oil prices hit a record high at $135 a barrel last week, but now they appear to be leveling out a bit.  Gas prices are going up, but the price of an oil change has actually stayed about the same.        

Mechanic Darrell Brown says the shipping cost of oil has gone up, but his shop hasn't started charging more for oil changes.  He says he has seen fewer customers come in, and many of them are waiting longer between oil changes.

However, waiting that extra 1000 or 2000 miles could be bad for your car, and worse for your gas mileage. Brown says, "You bring it in, your car, 1000 miles earlier and get the oil changed for $25, you save that extra 1000 miles your engine has to work harder.  And your engine loses 1 or 2 miles per every gallon just from the engine working harder from the sludge in the motor and not getting that oil filter changed."

Brown recommends getting your oil changed about every 3000 miles in order to get the maximum miles per gallon.