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U-50 Spirit of the Navy Unlimited Hydroplane christened

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According to Wikipedia: "the first description of an American warship christening is that of Constitution, famous "Old Ironsides," at Boston, October 21, 1797. Her sponsor, Captain James Sever stood on the weather deck at the bow. "At fifteen minutes after twelve she commenced a movement into the water with such steadiness, majesty and exactness as to fill every heart with sensations of joy and delight."

As Constitution ran out, Captain Sever broke a bottle of fine old madeira over the heel of the bowsprit.  Champagne, perhaps because of its elegance as the aristocrat of wines, came into popular use as a 'christening fluid' as the 19th century closed."

On May 29th, the U-50 Spirit of the Navy unlimited hydroplane was christened in military style, complete with champage bottle, before its initial voyage during a test run today by Brian Perkins.

Perkins took the U-50 out twice.  David Williams took it out later in the day for a third run.

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