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Rising Gas Prices Affecting Yakima Transit

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YAKIMA, Wash.-More people are trading their cars in for a bus ticket to avoid pain at the pump.  But the increase in transit riders isn't paying for the rising gas prices.

Yakima's Transit says the number of riders has increased by 12%. 

They are considering adding additional routes if ridership continues to increase, but right now they are just trying to find ways to pay for the fuel.

It costs a quarter of a million dollars per hour to run the Yakima Transit.

They are using money saved for new buses to pay for fuel costs.  They buy new buses every 12 to 14 years.  Now they will have to wait every 15 to 16 years.

Increasing fair cost is another option they are looking into.  If fair increases it won't go into effect until next year.     

Yakima has the second cheapest fair in Washington.  And starting on June 14th your bus ticket will be free on Saturdays.