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Police on extra D.U.I. patrols during graduation.

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- Police say if you are going to be drinking and are of age make sure you have a safe ride home so you don't end up in jail, the hospital, or cemetery.
Police say high school students should think about the "every fifteen minutes" program at schools each year and how that affected their peers.

If you see someone who has been drinking, take their keys, take their car away, and call their parents. You may be saving their life.

If you don't know them. Call the police with their license plate number. They also said some people think they're safe drivers and know their limit, but once you start drinking it's hard to know how drunk you are.

"You can go out and drink and drive and have something tragic happen and end your life and someone else's or hurt your best friend sitting next to you, so don't put yourself in that position," said Sgt. Brian Swartswalter, Kennewick Police.

In the last four months Tri-Cities Troopers have made more than 300 D.U.I. arrests. Ironically Police say an easy way they catch drunk drivers is for driving under the speed limit. Sometimes a drunk driver will try to compensate their loss of inhibitions by driving too slow and this makes them easy to spot.