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A Good Fuel Filter Can Get Better Mileage

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Car experts say fuel filters can get clogged up with dirt, this will block out some of the gas your car is actually getting.

Having a bad fuel filter can also affect your engine. Car experts say one way you can tell is if you're on the road and you're having a hard time speeding up.

And if the fuel filter in your car is clogged up, you're probably going to see the engine light turn on. But experts recommend not to wait for that light to come on, simply get it checked beforehand.

"The best way is to have preventative maintenance on your vehicle, instead of waiting for the time of oh no, I have no fuel pressure, and now my fuel pump is bad and now I have no fuel," said Mitch Shaffer, Manager at the Auto Zone in Kennewick.

Shaffer also suggests checking the fuel filter in your car every other time you get an oil change. Shaffer says fuel filter prices range anywhere from $5-30. And if you use diesel, that price will most likely go up.

To get the best fuel economy, Shaffer says make sure you also have a clean air filter, good spark plugs and a recent tune-up.