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A Family Claims They Were Assaulted at The Carrie Underwood Concert

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- A Selah family is taking legal action against the Sundome for an assault they say took place at the Carrie Underwood concert.

Victoria Shay is one of the family members who attended the concert. She says, "It was suppose to be a girl's night out."

That girl's night out quickly turned into a nightmare.

"Towards the end of the concert the girls in front of us were getting noticeably drunker and drunker with four or five trips to the beer tent," said Victoria.

It was when one of the girls fell back into Victoria's sister that things began to get ugly.

Victoria says, "It was just a gut feeling that this was going to go bad and it was going to go fast."

Victoria approached a security guard who was standing only twenty feet from where they were, but says he was no help.

"He said he couldn't leave his post and left me standing so I then ran to the next guard I could see," said Victoria.

The second guard didn't immediately follow until Victoria ran back to find her mother unconscious, and the two girls on top of her sister and sister-in-law.

Victoria and the guards were able to break up the fight, and the girls immediately left the Sundome.

"The guards were telling everyone to leave," said Victoria.

Now the women are trying to make sure this never happens again. They have sent letters through their attorney's to both the Sundome and Starplex Crowd Management showing the intent to take legal action they are also still searching for the girls. When and if they find them they intend to file charges against them as well.

"What level of assault charges from simple assault to first degree assault is going to depend upon the facts they have," said attorney Timothy Schoenrock.