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President Bush Receives 10 lbs of Washington Asparagus.

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PASCO, Wash-- U.S. Senator Patty Murray and Representative Doc Hastings sent President George W. Bush 10 lbs of fresh asparagus from Gourmet Trading in Pasco. They wanted to remind him of how of truly great Washington asparagus is.

Last week at a news conference in Germany, Bush thanked German Chancellor Angela Merkel for dinner and mentioned that the German Asparagus they had was fabulous.

"Senator Murray whose dad grew up picking asparagus in the Tri-Cities knew that he certainly has tasted the best," said Alex Glass, Senator Murray's Office.

The Washington Asparagus Commission Director, Alan Schriber, believes our green asparagus cannot be compared to Germany's white asparagus. He says not only does the white variety have less taste, but it' s much more expensive.

"It's about $8 lbs retail, and for our asparagus it retails between $2 and $4 per lb," said Schriber.

With 10,000 acres and 53 million lbs produced this year, Washington State is the second largest producer of asparagus in the nation and it brings in $28 million to the economy.

"Green asparagus tastes like asparagus and the white asparagus is a very very very mild asparagus with almost no real flavor to it," said Schriber.

Since 1991 asparagus exporters in Peru have had duty free access to the U.S. market because of trade agreements. According the the Washington Asparagus Commission, Washington State asparagus growers have lost about two-thirds of their market share, which is making some U.S. growers question the policy.