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Bikini Baristas Now in Ellensburg

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ELLENSBURG, Wash. -- Espresso stands are a common site, but one in Ellensburg is the talk of the town. You may have heard of bikini baristas on the west, but they've made their way east of the mountains and can be found at Java Jigglers.

The people of Ellensburg have been very vocal about this new addition to town. Today at the stand there were people supporting it and threatening to run it out of town.

The owner, Clifford West, says he just wants people to come down and decide for themselves.

"See what we're about and then I'll accept any opinion that you have," said West.

So far people have been doing just that and the response hasn't been all bad.

West says, "The amount of negative responses is minimal compared to the positive."

"The customers have been really nice. A lot of them are actually pretty funny," said barista, Amanda Hendrickson.

The feedback hasn't been all pleasant. People have come by and thrown trash around the parking lot while others have drove by yelling obscenities.

One woman said the coffee stand was bringing down the social quality of the community. She told Hendrickson she felt sorry for her, but Hendrickson says there nothing to be sorry about.

"I don't feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit and I know the owners wouldn't make me do anything that I don't feel uncomfortable with," said Hendrickson.

The owner got the idea from coffee stands in Seattle, but says he will never take it as far as they have

"I would destroy the stand before I went that far. There's no way," said West, "What I'm doing here is nothing different than what you'd find on the beach."

For some people it's not the bikinis that bother them.

"I think the whole bikini idea is fine, but to call it Java Jigglers and have this sexual term associated with the bikini is offensive to me," said a woman passing by the stand.

If you're interested in checking out the coffee stand for yourself the owners invite you to stop by this Saturday. They're hosting a free car wash in the parking lot.

The stand is located just off I-90 at Exit 106.