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Exceptions About Cell Phone While Driving Law

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The Washington State Patrol says the law will not apply if you're calling 911 from your car to report an emergency.

On Wednesday morning many law enforcement agencies answered questions about the new law. Some other exceptions include anyone driving an ambulance or a tow truck.

Troopers also say if you're in your car, you can still use your phone to report any illegal activity, and if you need medical or emergency assistance. Troopers say the numbers in 2006 showed 1,300 accidents in Washington were caused by people talking on cell phones.

They hope this new law brings the number down.

"Our preference is that people don't use the phone at all when they drive, however if they absolutely need to use the phone while they're driving we ask them to use either a corded or wireless head-set," said Lieutenant Jay Cabezuela, from the Washington State Patrol.

All agencies in the Tri-Cities will enforce this law as a secondary offense starting July 1st. Kennewick police say they have a two week grace period.

This means if you're pulled over for something else in Kennewick, and you had a phone to your ear, you'll get a warning first before getting a ticket.