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Coyotes Attack Small Pets in West Valley

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YAKIMA, Wash.- Yakima residents have been calling the station about missing pets. Four different residents say their pets have been attacked and eaten by coyotes. Most of the pets were reported missing but one family found theirs.                                                      "They found their cat dead in their front yard and it appeared to be half eaten," said Ben Zigan from Animal Control.                                                                                                                      The coyotes were first spotted the first week of June and have been seen in the early evenings between Lincoln Ave and 66th Avenue  and Douglas Ave and 44th Avenue.  One resident says she is thankful that people are voicing their concerns.                                                            "There are animals in the area that could be killing our animals. I don't know what to say. Its just shocking," said West Valley resident Teresa Paulson.                                                  Coyotes are mid-sized sized animals that can run up to 45 miles per hour and can jump over eight foot fences. Coyotes are usually scared of human contact and loud noises, but do hunt small animals.                                                                                                                        "When approached they tend to more run away than charge at a person but smaller animals like small dogs and cats could always fall victim to prey," said Zigan.                                Coyotes are generally seen at night and near the hills and can travel in pairs.  The animal control suggests keeping your small animals in doors at night or whenever you leave the house. If you see a coyote you can report it to the Animal Control or the Department of Wildlife.