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Lower Your Energy Bill by Hang Drying Your Clothes

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- One of the easiest way's you can save on that ever increasing energy bill is to hang dry your clothes. According to the U.S. Department of energy your dryer can cost up to a $100 a year from energy use alone.

Renee Brooks, the Director of the Built Green program in Tri-Cities, helps contrators build greener homes. She doesn't live in a home that was built green, but she tries to be more efficient by hang drying her clothes.

Some tips for washing your clothes include using cold water, remembering to change the water level for different size loads, and using fabric softner in the wash rather than the dryer.

"Purex is an ultra-concentrate high efficiency detergent, so you can use a lot less of this bottle and it does about 30 loads, using less packaging making it a lot better for the environment," said Renee Brooks.

While clothing lines work for some people, Renee doesn't like the hassle of using them. She has pets and it's often windy in the Tri-Cities. It's easier for her to hang them in her shower or even on a door.

"Well, we hang dry a lot of our clothes: there's some you don't want to shrink, you don't want to lose their color and we put them on a hanger and stick them on the shower rod," said Renee Brooks.

Hang drying your clothes is more environmentally friendly and saves energy it's also better for your clothes and it keeps them from shrinking and colors from fading.