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Water Main Damages Houses in West Valley

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YAKIMA, Wa.- Eight houses were damaged yesterday after a water main broke at the intersection of 61St Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. The water main belongs to Nob Hill Water. Workers have been pumping water out of the houses' foundations since last night.

"The system does get old and wears out and needs to be replaced," said David England from Nob Hill Water.

Nob Hill Water says they are not sure of the cause yet but that they are examining the pipes and water system. Water pressure and flow, damaged pipes and ground movement are common factors for main breaks.

"If we can figure out the cause we'll fix it," said England.

One home owner says this is the third time this has happened here and that last time, there were over five thousand dollars in damages. 

"We shouldn't have to worry about this happening ever again," said Yakima resident Bob Caldwell.

The water rose to three inches in this man's garage damaging everything from his antique stereos to his brand new camping gear.

Nob Hill Water says their insurance will be covering most of the damages but residents say this is costing them both money and time.

"Last time we took 3 days off...looks like we'll be here about the same," said Caldwell.

Nob Hill Water says they will be working on this problem until it is resolved.