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Tri-Cities Wheat Growers are Concerned About Prices

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- Wheat growers are expecting a much larger harvest this year, but say they're facing some issues.  

The price of wheat is higher than it has ever been before at $9 a bushel for red winter wheat and $8 a bushel for white wheat the local price is still increasing. 

Growers say the problem is the cost to grow and harvest wheat continues to increase which is lowering their profits. The costs of variables like fuel, fertilizer, and chemicals are increasing, so they are not seeing more profits. 

Farmers say if the price does not keep increasing they may not be able to make a profit at all.

"Trouble is along with everything else the price of fuel, everybody knows what it's done, the price of fertilizer is four times what it was a year ago," said Larry Wilkerson, Horse Heaven Farm in Kennewick.

Wheat farmers also say the stock market is playing a role in driving up the price because as the market goes down, investors are putting money into commodities like wheat causing the price to be higher. 

A wheat shortage in Australia has helped increase the price in the U.S. but it's not demand farmers are worried about it's the price of gas and materials to harvest wheat.