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Richland Park Surplus

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RICHLAND, Wash.--After a five month Park Use Assessment Survey in 2007, City of Richland Parks & Recreation found Westwood Park is barely being used.

The park, less than one acre of land, sits off of Thayer Drive and Westwood Court.

With $4,000-5,000 dollars of annual maintenance, Westwood Park, no longer serves it's intended purpose, according to park and recreation staff.

Because of this, they are proposing to the Parks and Recreation Commission to either sell the land, have a developer buy it or keep it in the neighbor's hands.

One homeowner says the city could've done a better job getting their information.

"Most of the times they were here was in the morning or early afternoon and this park is typically used in the evenings and on weekends so, they didn't see much of the activity that takes place there, mentions homeowner Jim Homan.

"People use this park to play volleyball a lot," says Lindsey Homan. I've seen them do that a lot. Boy Scout Troops come here too so, it's really pretty useful."

Parks & Recreation staff want neighbors and anyone with an interest in Westwood Park to show up Thursday (July 10th) night.

A meeting will take place at City Hall in Richland (505 Swift Boulevard).

The discussion starts at 7:00 p.m.