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The U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison gets some air at Detroit, 2008 - PHOTO James Crisp

DETROIT 2008: Fast qualifying times for Unlimited Hydroplanes

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PHOTO - James Crisp PHOTO - James Crisp
PHOTO - James Crisp PHOTO - James Crisp
PHOTO - James Crisp PHOTO - James Crisp
PHOTO - Kirk Duncan PHOTO - Kirk Duncan

DETROIT, Mich. - So far, seven boats have qualified to run in the 100th Gold Cup at Detroit. 

The U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison had the top spot in the morning session, but Jean Theoret and the U-37 Beacon Plumbing came out in the afternoon session and took the lead.  Not to be outdone, Steve David came back out in the U-6 and grabbed it back.  In the afternoon sessions, Theoret came back with an even faster time, within a hair of overtaking David.

  1. U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison - Steve David 159.888
  2. U-37 Beacon Plumbing - Jean Theoret 159.150
  3. U-3 Chrysler Jeep - Jimmy King 156.516
  4. U-10 Dover Environmental - David Bryant 156.465
  5. U-5 - Jeff Bernard 155.340
  6. U-7 - Mike Allen 155.218
  7. U-50 Spirit of the Navy - Brian Perkins 138.125

In Detroit, the qualifying speeds are the average of the two fastest laps.  The fastest individual lap was by Steve David in the U-6 at 160.740.

The U-3 Chrysler Jeep got out onto the water, but didn't make it a full lap before Jimmy King returned it to shore to check something out.  It took three more attemps before the team could qualify, but when they did, they ran a quick two laps to qualify.

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The U-13 Miss DYC has arrived.  The boat was trailer fired, but something wasn';t quite right so they opted to keep the boat dry for Friday. 

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Ken Muscatel's U-25 Jarvis Fire and Water Repair had to be re-built over the past week, but the team's found some extra speed.  They would have qualified at a 145.247 average after  Dr. Ken clocked a 148.35, but that was thrown out due to a N2 violation.

Final Qualifying Times from Detroit 2007

    1. U-16 MISS ELAM PLUS Dave Villwock 162.754
    2. U-37 MISS BEACON PLUMBING Jean Theoret  160.089
    3. U-6 OH BOY! OBERTO Steve David  156.925
    4. U-3 CHRYSLER JEEP Jimmy King 156.133
    5. U-13 SPIRIT OF DETROIT J. Michael Kelly 155.379
    6. U-1 FORMULABOATS.COM Mike Allen 153.993
    7. U-5 FORMULABOATS.COM Jeff Bernard  152.984
    8. U-25 JARVIS CONSTRUCTION Ken Muscatel  148.216
    9. U-100 MIRAGE RACING Greg Hopp  138.651