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New iPhones are in the Tri-Cities, but the Faster Network Isn't

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KENENWICK, Wash.--  The new iPhone 3G is in local stores now, but the faster network that goes along with it isn't available here yet.

The different Apple iPhones and AT&T Networks can be confusing.  Basically, there was the original model of the iPhone that came out about a year ago and ran off AT&T's 2G network.  The newer model is the iPhone 3G, which runs off the faster 3G network.

Many people in the Tri-Cities are buying the new iPhones and expecting them to be faster, but they aren't faster.  The problem is, the 3G network isn't in the Tri-Cities yet. The new 3G phones have to use the older 2G network and aren't running up to speed.  

AT&T started putting the faster network in the biggest cities and is working its way to smaller areas.  Chad Disney, Director of Sales for Washington and Northern Idaho says, "We obviously build out in what are considered top 100 markets or top metropolitan areas.   Unfortunately, the Tri-Cities didn't qualify as one of those."

Disney says hopefully the Tri-Cities will have the new 3G service by the end of this month, and if not then, definitely by the end of the summer.

Even though the faster network isn't in the Tri-Cities, you can still get all of the new applications on your phone, they'll just run a little slower.