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More Dehydration Cases in ER

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KENNEWICK, Wash.--First and foremost, make sure you are drinking lots and lots of water.

Or if you prefer, a sports drink like Gatorade or Powerade which contains high levels of electrolytes or salts.

At Kennewick General Hospital, nurses and doctors have been treating many elderly and some young children for dehydration.

Typically, patients are given an IV attached to a bag of saline (table salt in water).

It's an easy remedy for a condition that can quickly evolve into something more serious.

"Dehydration can wind you up in critical care if its not properly handled and quickly handled," says RN and supervisor, Bryan Norton. (With) your electrolytes and stuff getting so far out of whack, it can affect your heart and other conditions."

Aside from water and sports drinks, how about pickle juice? NFL teams have been giving the green and salty concoction to its players for years.

Nurses say pickle juice would only be appropriate for athletes, but in moderation.