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U-3 Takes Long Trip to Tri-Cities

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KENNEWICK, Wash. -- It is the end of a long journey, one that started in Indiana. And the U-3 and owner Ed Cooper are glad to be in Kennewick getting ready for the Columbia Cup.

Ed Cooper hopes his hydro, the U-3 and driver Jimmy King go far this weekend at the Columbia Cup. But first the hydro had to get here. Ed Cooper owns the U-3 but he is also the one responsible for driving it across the country.

Cooper says, "I'm fortunate enough that I can always take my wife along. I really enjoy it. I enjoy driving the truck. My wife's not so excited about crossing the country ... It's like mowing grass or riding on your lawn mower or anything where people like to sit and you don't have to concentrate. Many of the answers to puzzles that this [hydro] presents come when I am on the road."

Cooper says he even has a bird that keeps him company. Cooper says, "We call him many things but probably the most acceptable name is 'Pinkie'."

Cooper says he is glad to be in the Tri-Cities, but the journey has just begun. We will just have to wait to see how this trip ends.