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TRI-CITIES 2008: Villwock, David, King post Saturday Heat wins

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - The heat was down, the water was relatively calm as were the winds, and the speeds were up.

The U-1 Elam and drive Dave Villwock served notice they were again the team to beat despite sitting out the first three races of the season.  They posted the fastest qualifying time and Dave Villwock went out in his first heat race of 2008 and took home the trophy.

The U-3 has struggled all season with engine problems.  When it's run, it's run fast.  The Cooper Racing team kept it together for Heat 1B and Jimmy King drove to victory.

Steve David in the U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto/Miss Madison outran David Byrant in the U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors to win Heat 1C.

Heat 1A Results

1. U-1 Dave Villwock
2. U-5 Jeff Bernard
3. U-50 Brian Perkins
4. U-48 David Williams - One lap penalty for hitting buoy

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Jeff Bernard in the U-5 has been on a nice streak lately and he got to lane one first in the first heat racing of Columbia Cup 2008.  Bernard and the U-5 led the group across the finish line with Dave Villwock in the U-16 in lane two.

The U-16 and Villwock had more boat speed, ran down Bernard, and passed him up by the end of the first lap, posting a lap speed topping 157 mph.

David Williams in the U-48 hit a buoy and had to take an extra lap.  Brian Perkins in the U-50 settled into third place.  The back-up U-7 boat was unable to make the call despite the fact the crew's been working nearly around the clock to get the boat ready for Jimmy Shane to race.

"Hopefully by Sunday," said Shane.  "It came empty and we've had to build it here."

Heat 1B Results

1. U-3 Jimmy King
2. U-37 Jean Theoret
3. U-100 Greg Hopp

DNS. U-13 J. Michael Kelly

VIDEO:  Interview with Jimmy King after winning Heat 1B >>

Before the heat started, both the U13 and U37 died in the score up. Jean Theoret got the U37 up and running, but J. Michael Kelly was not so lucky.

Theoret was able to recover, but had to play catch up to Jimmy King in the U-3 the whole way around. King pulled out a full roostertail lead by the end of the second lap and cruised to victory.

Heat 1C Results

1. U-6 Steve David
2. U-10 David Bryant
3. U-17 Kip Brown
DNF. U-25 Ken Muscatel

VIDEO:  Interview with Steve David after winning Heat 1C >>

In the race-before-the-race, Steve David in the U-6 had lane one when David Bryant snuck through the infield with a minute before the race. But David snuck by him, got far enough ahead and grabbed the inside lane again.

David was a bit early and had to slow up before the start line, giving Bryant a chance to sling-shot past the U-6 at the start. The U-6 showed its speed when David ran Bryant down on the back straightaway to claim the lead across the start/finish line, stretching out to a two roostertail lead by the end of the second lap.

Ken Muscatel spun out in turn two on the second lap and went into the infield, allowing Kip Brown to slide by for third place.

The U-25 broke a steering cable in Heat 1C when it spun out and went into the infield and was unable to finish. It's not exactly an off-the-shelf item ro something that's easily fabricated off-site.

Dr. Ken Muscatel said the boat was running fine until it snapped. The folks at Lampson crane are trying to see if it's something they can make in their machine shop overnight. If they can do something, we might see the U-25 backon the water again this weekend. If not, they are done racing for Columbia Cup 2008.

What's the chances they'll be back on the water? "50/50," said Muscatel.