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Vapor Explosion Causes Boat Fire During Water Follies

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- On Sunday a boat went up in flames on the Columbia River during the Water Follies.

The fire was caused by a vapor explosion in the cabin of the 35 foot yatch. The vapor comes from the gas powered engine.

Deputies say the vapors can easily start a fire after the boat sits in the same place for quite some time. Deputies say people should turn on the blower under the boat, for a couple minutes, to clear out some of these vapors.

There were four boats tied together Sunday, with eleven people on board. One of the boats did have a barbeque, but not the one that burned, and they had just turned it off before the fire.

Luckily no one was inside the cabin when the explosion happened.

"People had just exited that vessel and got on to the second vessel just prior to the explosion, if there were more people on that vessel, there would've been a lot more people injured and hurt," said Deputy James LeDoux, with the Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

There was a family of three on board, and a friend of theirs. They all jumped in the water, but the father actually went back to the boat to make sure his son had gotten off safely.

The father had minor injuries to his arms, head, and back of the neck. Only one person had a life jacket on.

Deputies want to remind people to always wear a life jacket, if you're going to be on the water.