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Tri-City Gas Prices Stay High Compared To State Prices

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Many people in the Tri-Cities are paying more at the pump than other cities across the state.

The average in Washington is $4.23. Some cities are much lower, but here, it's $4.25.

"Don't like it, seems like it should be same," said a consumer at a Kennewick gas station.

We asked people why they thought our prices are higher? Some didn't know.

"I don't know if it's the oil companies or the gas stations around here that keep it high."

Others had their own opinions about gas stations in our area.

"The longer that they can drag out lowering the prices the more money they make, so what's the incentive for them to lower the price," said Kurt Fields, another consumer in Kennewick.

But the Attorney General's office says one reason our prices are higher is because of the pipelines.

Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland are getting their gas from the Chevron pipeline, while Spokane for example gets theirs from the Yellowstone pipeline.

At the pump some said they didn't really notice.

"I don't really notice because I'm new here, so I just think it's the same as everywhere else," said John Narvaiz, who moved to the Tri-Cities from New Mexico.

But one woman from Vancouver traveling through the Tri-Cities can tell the difference.

"This is higher actually compared to Vancouver," said Julie Erickson, from Vancouver.

The American Automobile Association, AAA, says another reason why Washington and other Northwest states in general are still seeing high gas prices, is because retailers buy at a certain price, and have to wait for the supply to be gone before they can lower the prices.

But most people in the Tri-Cities agree, a couple cents can go a long way.

"Yea definitely they should go down,' said Fields.

"Definitely I'd like to see them go down more, especially since I drive a truck," said Narvaiz.