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Affordable In Home Care for Dementia Patients

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YAKIMA, Wa.- Patients diagnosed with some form of dementia rose 12 percent this year. Health care facilities are not always the best choice.

"Oh boy, I can't wait to grow up and go to a retirement home," said Kathy Medford, the nursing manager at Aging and Long Term Care.

This is why more people are looking for in home care.

"I like the treasures in my grandmother's painting, those kinds of things," said Medford.

There are 72 different types of dementia and at 80 years old there is a 50 percent chance you'll acquire some form of it, like Alzheimer's disease. Some families are struggling with the cost of in home care versus nursing homes.

"Usually you can find a plan with costs that will not exceed that of a nursing home," said Medford.

Aging and Long Term Care programs offer financial assistance through Medicaid and COPES, a federal and state fund that helps more patients get help at home. And when dealing with dementia, familiar settings and routines could help patients recover.

"You're really in the dark. You don't know what's going on," said Kathy Britt, the caretaker for her uncle who has Alzheimer's disease

This is why Kathy says she visits her uncle everyday before dinner.

"He used to bring a latte to me everyday so now I bring a latte to him everyday," said Britt.  

Dementia can be tested for. Doctors recommend getting a mini mental status exam starting at 65 years old. If you or someone you know would like more information on dementia you can contact the Aging and Long Term Care offices at their toll free number 1-866-891-2582.