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Blind Machinist Uses Water Injector to Boost Gas Mileage

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RICHLAND, Wash.--Machinist Bernie Vinther says the water injector was invented in the 1930's to boost gas mileage.

On Wednesday (August 6th), he told and showed KNDU how he took an old design and tweaked it a bit.

At a monthly Alternative Energy Group meeting in Richland, Vinther explained the noticeable benefits.

By using the water injector, he says there's been a 50% increase in mileage, a 25% jump in horsepower, along with cleaner emissions in both his family's older motor home and pick-up truck.

Vinther says you have to inject a little sense into your car's engine because it doesn't know any better.

"It doesn't care if the piston is being pushed down by steam or gasoline or a little of both," mentions Bernie Vinther. By replacing some of the gasoline with a little bit of steam, you get a big boost in fuel economy."

With the water injector installed, most of the vehicles on the road today can expect a 30-percent increase in mileage, according to Vinther.

For a man who happens to be blind, he is making sure all the critics see this technology can be both embraced and useful.

However, he wouldn't mind boosting his income either if his work was recognized by automakers.