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Fuel Emphasis On Dyed Fuel

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- On Wednesday, troopers were doing a fuel emphasis because many people are using dyed fuel illegally.

Troopers say this fuel is going about 40 to 55 cents cheaper than diesel, but it's only meant to be used off the road, mostly on farms. It's cheaper because it doesn't have some of the state gas taxes.

Troopers stopped many trucks and tested the fuel by sticking a 5 foot long straw in the gas tank. If it comes out red, then it means it's dyed fuel.

Troopers usually do an emphasis twice a month, and semi drivers have been good about sticking to the law. Now other drivers are breaking it.

"They kind of know that we might be in the area, it seems to be now that the smaller trucks the one tons, or the pick-up trucks that are using the dyed fuel," said Trooper Donald Cody, with the Washington State Patrol.

If you are caught driving with dyed fuel, be ready to pay some heavy fines. It's about a $1,000 ticket, or $10 a gallon.

You can also be ticketed the same amount if you refuse to be checked. Last year troopers say they wrote $350,000 worth of tickets. In 2006 that number $1.1 million.