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Police Give Tips for Reporting Drug Dealers and Growers

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Police in Chelan County seized more than $127 million worth of marijuana plants last week. KNDU talked to police about how they track these drug dealers.

Kennewick Police say they receive a crime stoppers or anonymous tip once a week about drug dealing. If you suspect a neighbor is growing marijuana in their backyard or dealing, police say an anonymous tip is not enough for them to do much about it. They can't infringe on a person's constitutional rights. 

When someone comes forward with their name and says what the problem is, it's usually enough for law enforcement to issue a search warrant. 

Police say the best way to encourage safety in your neighborhood is to know your neighbors and keep a watchful eye on suspicious activity. 

"I really think that given the opportunity, communicate with your neighbor, it solidifies the relationship in the neighborhood that exudes on anti-crime," said Sgt. Trevor White, Kennewick Police Department.

Signs to look for in your neighborhood are lots of what police call "two minute friends," which is where someone shows up, goes inside, then comes back out.

Kennewick Police say some people fear retailiation from coming forward, but generally they do their best in protecting that person by eliminating their name from reports.