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More Yakima Soldiers are Called in to help the 81st Brigade in Iraq

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YAKIMA, Wa.- Couples at the Army National Guard today had many things in common. They all got married this year and today, for the first time, their new spouses will be leaving Yakima and deploying to Iraq.

"We're still in our honeymoon stage, I don't really know how good of a honeymoon this is," said Tamara Brown, a soldier deploying for Iraq.

The 81st brigade left two weeks ago but there weren't enough soldiers, which is why Tamara Brown and 23 other soldiers are being called in from Yakima. Tamara says she got her letter August 10th but the news still hasn't sunk in. 

"Right now I'm feeling shocked," said Tamara Brown.

Tamara and her family have been waiting for her bus for three hours and she'll have to wait another year before she can come back home.

"It's going to take a toll on both her and my dad," said Lindsay Brown, Tamara's step-daughter.

This isn't the first time Tamara and Michael have tested their relationship. Michael just retired from the Army National Guard but he was in Iraq in 2005.

"It's kind of deja vu being here at the steps seeing another family member leave," said Lindsay Brown.

Tamara waited a year and a half for Michael to come home and now, it's his turn.

"Waiting for her to come home, make her dinner, just the little things," said Michael Brown, Tamara's husband.

Tamara and Michael say their first year of marriage will be hard without each other but today is not goodbye for them.

"I don't like saying goodbye. Goodbye is an end, it's difficult to say see you later," said Tamara Brown.