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More Yard Sales in Kennewick as Gas and Food Prices Rise

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- It seems like everything costs more these days, from food to gas.  People are doing everything they can to save money, or to make a little extra cash. 

So, many people are turning to yard sales.  Some are cleaning out their closets to make the extra dough, while others are shopping at yard sales to save some money.

Many moms save money shopping at yard sale.  Mother and yard sale shopper, Amanda Pottle, says, "Gas is our biggest thing right now.  My husband works an hour away and so we have to save as much money as we can for gas."  Another mother and shopper, Ines Martinez, says, "Now that I have 5 [kids] and with the gas price high, I have to check for cheaper stuff."

Others are resorting to selling items they don't want anymore to make money for necessities. Bill Peters says any money he makes at his family friends' yard sale, he'll use on "food, gas, maybe a bill here or there."

Many times you can get great deals at yard sales.  Dan Belgrair says, "My goodness, they [shoppers] can get them for pennies on the dollar."  For example, Pottle says, "My son who's a year and a half, I got him a whole Home Depot tool set, including all the tools that go with it and everything.  You would usually buy it for $100 at the store and I got it for $20."

Ted Hunter seems to have mastered saving money while going to yard sales.  He rides his bicycle between yard sales, which saves money both at the yard sale and by not using gas. Hunter explains, "You can see my bicycle there.   I'm also trying to save money not spending so much for gasoline. So I can get my exercise and hit the yard sales at the same time."