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Tri-Cities Man will be WA Hispanic Delegate at Republican National Convention

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RICHLAND, Wash-- A local delegate from the Tri-Cities will be representing the Hispanic Vote at the Republican Convention.

Tony Benegas is a local man with many titles. He's on the West Richland City Council.
He's the chair of the Benton County Republican Party and he's the President of Hispanic Republicans in Washington State. That last title is what got him an invitation to the convention next week. 

Benegas has never been to a National Convention before, but even without prior experience his personality is sure to work a room.

"I never considered going to a national thing, but people tell me it's a wonderful experience, it's really great and frankly i'm nervous because i don't know what to expect and they tell me it's going to be a lot of fun but i'm really looking forward to it," said Benegas.

On the top of the list of people he's dying to meet is new Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.

"I think she's just an outstanding candidate when I first found out that she was the nominee wow, this is incredible, I was just ecstatic. I was sweating, I was just so excited. This is someone that's really going to just energize the base," said Benegas.

Benegas says there are more Hispanic Republican voters than people realize. He says about 33 percent are actually conservative while 28 percent consider themselves moderate. 

"If you ask how many are Democrats it's more like 45 percent. It's like what's going on here and it's not unusual. It's just a case of really where do you stand. How do you feel about family values and the definition of marriage, divorce, abortion. Really Hispanics are conservative cause as Reagan says, they just don't know it yet," said Benegas.

Benegas will leave on Sunday for the convention in Minnesota. KNDU will be checking in with him as the convention starts. Hopefully he will get his wish to meet new Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.