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Kennewick Police Annual Gun Qualifications

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- Once a year the Kennewick Police Department does a gun qualification course that all officers must pass. Each officer is tested on three different guns.
Their goal is to hit the targets from ranges as far as 50 yards. After years of practice some of them can hit the bull's eye every single time. The field is covered with bullet casings.

Police Officers need to be prepared for the worst. The best way they can keep up on training is through target practice.

"If an officer is ever in a situation where he has to use deadly force we want to make sure they are confident in their ability to use it," said Sgt. Brian Swartswalter, Kennewick Police Department.

The first test is with a Glock 40 Caliber, the smaller gun they carry on their side. Next is the Colt M-16, a gun from the Vietnam Era.

"We've disabled the full auto feature so they are just a safety and semi auto which means you have to pull a trigger every time to make it fire," said Sgt. Ken Lattin, Kennewick Police Department.

The gun they find very effective with someone attempting suicide doesn't fire any bullets.

"It's a typical shot gun shell looks like it, but when its fired it is actually a bean bag round," said Lattin.