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WA Hispanic Delegate from Tri-Cities at Republican Convention

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ST PAUL, Minn-- The Republican National Convention is in full swing tonight, as the worst of Hurricane Gustav is over. One local man from the Tri-Cities is at the convention and weighs in on the excitement.

To start off he flew into St. Paul with the Governor of Utah and has already met several senators. 

KNDU talked to Tony Benegas before he left for the convention. He was counting down the days before it started. Benegas is the delegate for the Hispanic vote in Washington State. 

Since arriving he says security has been very tight. Protestors have thrown sand bags at buses, but other than that he feels secure. 

He is looking forward to hearing from the Republican Nominees John McCain and Sarah Palin later this week. Benegas says while walking on the convention floor he feels star struck.

"I've never been to a convention and it is just packed with people i mean there is press all over the place. There is Bill O'Reilly and Laura Ingram and Greta Van Susteren. I can't even name all these people to you," said Benegas.

Benegas says with all the excitement he keeps forgetting what day it is. Besides talking politics he has been trading pins. Each state has a unique pin and his goal is to collect all 50 of them before the convention is over.