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Hastings Comments on Palin

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RICHLAND, Wash-- One day before he leaves for Washington D.C. to discuss plans to become energy independent, Congressman Doc Hastings toured a local machine parts manufacturer in Richland.  This is another stop in Hasting's tour of small businesses bolstering the economy.

But the push for energy independence has taken a backseat to startling revelations surrounding vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her family.  News recently broke of her husband's DUI charge and her 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy.

"Those things probably every person has something in their background and you look at it, deal with it, and go on," says Hastings.

Hastings says the public should judge Palin based on her executive experience.  She's the only one of the four nominees with any.

"Her past record is pretty darn remarkable," notes Hastings.  "She has an extremely high approval rating and I think it's because she's doing what she said she would do.

Hastings isn't the only one looking past Palin's family issues.  Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has already gone on record asking voters to focus on the issues and not the home life.

And Hastings says Palin is holding up well in light of the new revelations.

"[Her daughter is] marrying the father of the child, they have support from Governor Palin and her husband," says Hastings.  You can't ask for anything more for a 17-year-old that's pregnant."