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Digital Day is Coming Soon, Make Sure Your TV is Converted

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The switch from analog to digital TV is coming soon. Wednesday, the President of Washington Broadcasters was in West Richland reminding people to convert their TV's.
Most people have heard this date hundreds of times, February 17, 2009, that's d-day or digital day. If you only have an analog TV that is not connected to cable or satellite you may be eligible for a TV converter box coupon.   

The commercials are on every channel, a message some say is sounding like a broken record.

"I honestly think they are kind of pointless," said Donovan Aramul, student at Kamikan High School.

Over and over again the commercials are reminding those left in the analog age, that time is up.
"How many people really still have analog and if they do honestly how long do you think they are watching TV anyways," said Aramul.

Suprisingly this could effect 18 percent of households in Benton and Franklin Counties. People with just rabbit ears need to get a converter box, but if your TV is not HD and you have cable or satellite service you will be just fine.

Mark Allen, President of Washington State Broadcasters Association spoke to members of the West Richland Chamber of Commerce about locals who are at risk for their TV's turning black.

"The rabbit ears will work if the set is a digital set but if it's an analog set you have to have one of the converter boxes to tie those to rabbit ears together in order to make your picture look good," said Allen.

If you are getting tired of the commercials in 167 days and counting, they will disappear until the next technology comes along.