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Extensive Cancer Treatment in Tri-Cities Similar to Big City Hospitals

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- There are many options for cancer patients living in the Tri-Cities, but did you know our region has medical technology similar to hospitals in big cities?

Doctors say it was the community's drive that brought the excellent treatment options to the Tri-Cities. Before the center became so advanced, many patients had to drive to Seattle or Portland hospitals.

It's a state of the art cancer treatment center fully loaded with the latest cancer fighting technology. Brand new to the center is a lightspeed scanner. It provides imaging of cancer inside the body, they also have radiation therapy that kills cancer cells, and mammosite which treats breast cancer. These are just some of the treatments available.

Doctors say what helps the center expand is people in our community, who want access to higher levels of care.

"I think the folks that live around here always felt like they should have every opportunity to have as good of treatment care for their diseases as they did for anything else," said Dr. Richard Giever, Oncologist at the Center.

Some may assume that Hanford would be the reason why the level of cancer care is so extensive, but doctors say it's had a very minimal affect.

"It's measured perhaps in the tens, over all of these year's," said Dr. Thomas Rado, Onocolgist at the Center.

Each day the center treats more than 100 patients, which could not be possible without the support of 300 active volunteers.