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Catholic Churches to Raise Money to Fight the Suicide Initiative

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KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Catholic churches, a group against Initiative 1000, are giving money to the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.  Many Catholic churches all over the state are handing out envelopes and asking their members to donate to the group.

Initiative 1000 is called the Death with Dignity or Assisted Suicide initiative, depending who you talk to.

A pastor at Saint Joseph's in Kennewick says he plans to start talking to his congregation members about the issue and showing them videos about it.  Then, in about two weeks, he'll start asking people to donate.

The pastor, Father Richard Sedlacek, says not everyone at Saint Joseph's is against I-1000, and he wants to try to change that.  Father Sedlacek says, "We believe we have to respect life, from conception to natural death.  So this initiative, we believe, undermines the whole medical profession but also shows disrespect for human life."

Different dioceses around the state have authorized about 290 parishes to take up collections for the Coalition Against Assisted Suicide.

A spokeswoman for the Yes on 1000 campaign says the Catholics shouldn't impose their beliefs on the whole state.