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Troopers Cracking Down on Reckless Drivers on the Blue Bridge

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PASCO, Wash-- State Troopers have a warning for reckless drivers on the blue bridge. They've been writing lots of tickets, more than ever before. 

It's cars coming from Lewis Street that are failing to yield and causing accidents. This year troopers are cracking down on those drivers.

The blue bridge is a token landmark of the Tri-Cities, many drive over it multiple times a day, and know how crazy traffic can be when there's an accident.

"Generally through here you get a rear-end accident and it starts a chain reaction usually one wreck turns into two, two turns into three, three turns into four. Very rarely do we have only one crash right here," said Dave Wilbur, WA State Trooper.

Bridge accidents can back traffic up all the way to the interstate. What causes them is when drivers fail to merge and yield coming from Lewis St.

"The people coming down on the ramp need to be watching and look for the opening, match the speed of traffic on 395, blend in smoothly, and don't cause people to slam on their breaks," said Bryan Ball, WA State Trooper.

If troopers catch you failing to yield properly they will pull you over.

"We either site them for failing to yield the right away or following too close. Each one is a $124 ticket," said Wilbur.

If you are one of those drivers who is backing up traffic on the bridge your time may soon be coming. Troopers will be doing extra patrols until the end of the year.