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The Grease Poll, A Mysterious Tradition

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NACHES, Wash-- It's tall, there's money at the top, but the catch is, the 20-foot timber is slimed with grease, Crisco to be exact. The Grease Pole.

Some have theories on the best way to reach the prize at Naches' Sportsman's Days. 

"Well it's pretty greasy up there so you gotta work as a team to get to the top," said Tanner Young. After he and a group of friends managed to reach a one dollar bill midway up the pole.

"They'll build a pyramid to get up as high as they can, but they never can make it to the very top with a pyramid. There's too much weight," said Dave Barrett of the Naches Lions.

But, the pyramid is an effective method as long as the person you're lifting isn't too heavy. Now nobody was quite sure how long the grease poll has been around, but it's sure a crowd pleaser. You might think it's impossible, but eventually someone gets the twenty dollar bill at the top. After the grease has worn off.

"Enough kids climb the after a few hours they can make it up," said Barrett.

"We've never had any one fall, thank heaven," said Ted Cowan, Naches Lions. "No no they hold on for dear life," added Barrett, with a chuckle.