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Paying College Tuition Early Could Save You Money Later

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YAKIMA, Wa.- Going to college isn't getting any cheaper, that's why more than 90,000 families in Washington are turning to the General Education Tuition program. The best part about it is anyone can do it.

"Really just a program to help prepay college tuition, hedge against these huge debts and help families get peace of mind for saving for college," said the GET Program Director Betty Lochner.

You can open a get account for yourself or anyone else and can start the account as early as you'd like. Chuck Tissell started the get program in 2002.

His daughter and son's colleges are completely paid for.

"We knew our children would be attending college and we had a little extra in the sock," said Chuck Tissell, a father who enrolled his family in the GET program.

And if your kids end up not going to college or getting a scholarship instead, you can either transfer the funds to someone else, get a refund or use the money for school supplies.

"I don't have to work. It's nice. I can focus on my studies," said Anna Tissell, a YVCC student that uses GET funds to pay for her school.

There's a minimum of one unit and a maximum of five years worth of education. Each unit costs 76 dollars. You can pay as you go or you can set up a locked monthly payment plan.

"It's based on units at today's prices and then you're guaranteed that no matter how much tuition goes up in the future, you've already paid your tuition," said Lochner.

Washington residents are eligible to enroll in the get program and can use the funds at any public or private university in the 50 states. With tuition up each year GET counselors suggest investing in the program sooner rather than later.