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Tri-Cities Convention Center Attracting Northwest Businesses

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KENNEWICK, Wash-- Since the opening of the Tri-Cities Convention Center several companies across the Northwest have been holding conferences, bringing tourism dollars to our region.

Last year the Three Rivers Convention Center made $680,000 in revenue, but that's not counting the economic impact. 

Each convention attracts hundreds of people not from the Tri-Cities. That in turn fills up our hotels, restaurants, and tourism hot spots.
It was opened in 2004 and since then lots of conferences have taken place. Tuesday, human resource professionals are having their 70th annual conference. They decided on our convention center about three years ago.

"It's gone really well, we have a great convention center here so people who have been to convention centers all over the country are really impressed with what we have here so we've just heard really positive feedback," said Traci Sunday, HR Conference Co-Chair.

The theme for the human resource conference is going green. Everyone at the conference will get a reusable shopping bag to promote cutting down on plastic. 

More than 500 people from the Northwest have travelled here. The co-chair says people are surprised by how great our weather is compared to the west side's rain.