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How It All Works: The FLW Bass Fishing Tournament

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Over a hundred boats spread across the Columbia and beyond, looking to hook the big one. The weather was nice but the fishing wasn't easy.

Angler Justin Lucas says, "These flat, calm sunny days on clear water can make it really tough. You have to mix up the water and get the fish moving around a little bit."

Once the fishing stops, the weigh-in process starts. They go from the boats into holding tanks, to a ruler that makes sure the fish is at least 12 inches in length.

The measurements and the number of fish caught are recorded in a computer. Then, the fish are taken to the stage to be weighed. Chris Hoover is the man on the stage, yelling out the weights to the audience.

Hoover says, "Sometimes you make everyone happy, sometimes you make a handful of them mad."

After the fish are weighed, they are brought out to the release boat where they can be taken out to the Columbia River so they can live to be caught another day.

The question is: Do fisherman feel sorry for the fish?

Lucas says, "It matters that they are alive so we can catch them again next year."

Angler Andy Scholz says, "Catch and release has been proven over and over again. It's the guys that take them home and put them in the frying pan that are the problem."

Hopefully, this weekend is a good one for the fish and the fisherman.