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Prostate Cancer Care in Yakima

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YAKIMA, Wa.- Radiation therapy is painless and simple and treatment usually takes six to eight weeks. Wolfgang Franz was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2006. He spent most of May and June 2006 in radiation treatments.

"It was definitely a shock. I did not have the slightest indication. Absolutely had no problem with my prostate," said Wolfgang Franz, a cancer survivor.

Dr. Sean Cleary says it's normal to not have symptoms. He suggests men over the age of 40 ask their doctors for blood tests regularly. There are some typical warning signs.

"Difficulty with urination, increased frequency of urination throughout the day or night," said Dr. Cleary, the medical director for radiation oncology.

Wolfgang asked his doctor for a PSA blood test and biopsy. His doctor found two of his cells showed prostate cancer, so he began radiation.

"The daily treatments are very easy, patients come in, lie down, have a scan like an x-ray from multiple directions," said Dr. Cleary.

The machine moves around the patient's body for up to 20 minutes, slowly killing the cancerous cells.

"You have to take care of yourself, its your body," said Franz.

Wolfgang says it took him six months to fully re-cooperate. Now he says he feels like himself again.

"I feel totally normal, just like before," said Franz.

Dr. Cleary says they currently have 15 radiation patients for prostate cancer. So far the cure rate in Yakima has been 90 percent. You should talk to your medical care provider for more information.